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Thursday, September 29, 2016

UTMSU fall elections begin this week

Students will elect the representatives this week for Division I, first-year representatives, and Division III, the central directors, of UTMSU’s Board of Directors. Plebiscite question This...
The union’s letter discussed the dominance of staff voices and lack of space for criticism
Academic Advocacy Week talks fees and Governing Council
UTM officially a Fair Trade campus

Exposure to beauty standards

I wonder how many people will recognize the name Mara Wilson if I don’t mention what movies she’s been in. Some, of course, would recognize the name right away as the girl who played Matilda, or maybe even Natalie in Mrs. Doubtfire. But, I...
Don’t bog yourself down with how old you are, just focus on how much you have left to gain
Over the summer and as the new school year starts, developments took place that...

UC Follies scorches the audience

Family, loss, mystery, and war are themes inherent to playwright Wajdi Mouawad’s portfolio. After attending Tideline last Friday at Hart House, I was anticipating...
The AGM hosts opening reception for two new exhibitions, Shadowed Land and Eclipse
The Spectatorial’s fiction editor discusses how U of T students can get involved
Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart is one of those novels that resonates with me...

Hillewaert’s study in youth identity

With a large bookshelf filled with books, brightly coloured couches, and various fabrics adorning the walls, Professor Sarah Hillewaert’s office offers a glimpse into...
With Canada moving towards legalization, The Medium explores the many complexities of this topic
UTM Alumni Association’s Backpack to Briefcase event explores gender in financial literacy
Last Wednesday, the tri-campus Black Liberation Collective held their first event at UTM

A new year, a new lineup for UTM

In March 2016, the UTM community came together to elect a fresh group of seven individuals that would soon build the UTM Athletic Council...
Haseeb Malik is a big reason why UTM cross-country is on the OCAA map of top schools
I had no clue what I was in for when I agreed to go...
When the August bliss starts to fade and September comes onto the scene, those...

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